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Nicola Tenderini Biography

Nicola Tenderini born in 1965 in Venice begun his education with Artistic Lycee in Venice, where he followed the course of Architecture. He cultivated a true passion that lead him to enter Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. Since 1998 he has opened his Atelier: in the ground floor where he proposes water colour artistic reproductions; he has his studio at the second floor, with a magnificent view on Rialto area. In the afternoon he preferably works en plein air around Venice. His favorite subjects are architecture, Venetian atmospheres, doors worn out by water on the canal; he constantly looks for particular wall shadings and foreshortening, shadows that cut and shape capitals and three-light windows of Venetian palaces.

Nicola Tenderini Venice Calendar 2015

Days and Months in Italian and English. Made of 12 cards representing each month, Venice's details, all with different water colours, ivory paper, author biography on cover and back cover. Contained in an elegant plastic case which was made in Italy.

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Written by Valeria Joyal — September 15, 2014

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