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Rome 'Colosseum' Florence Bridge Venice Bridge Pisa Tower Verona Arena

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With over 20 years experience, Italian artist & illustrator Fabio Vettori, from Trento with his gregarious, cheerful 'hants' puts his special brand of magic in a variety of cities and social events. In 1972 he began to be drawn to the subject of the ants, which soon became his signature style. The ants, in fact, allowed to combine the interest of Vectors for the detail with the possibility to multiply the characters within a same scene. Since 2000 Fabio Vettori is part of the Consortium Artistic and Artisan Quality Trentino , which deals with the promotion and marketing of handicraft products from South Tyrol. In 2003 he published his first book " A World of Ants ", which tells the fantasy world of ants through his illustrations and words, in collaboration with the critic Maurizio Scudiero.

Watch the video clips below and see how his hants are created and how he makes them come to life! We are pleased to sell Fabio Vettori 'hants = formiche' themed jigsaw puzzles (1080 pcs) of Italian cities & monuments. A game for the whole family..

Written by Valeria Joyal — May 08, 2015

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