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Cera di Cupra Anti-Stress Face Mask 75ml


Many factors affect the condition of facial skin, including poor ecology, constant stress, insufficient sleep and rest, lack of vitamins in the body. Cera di Cupra Energizing Anti-Fatigue Mask is a natural anti-stress mask, which can restore the smoothness, healthy appearance, and radiance of facial skin. The formula includes a cocktail of microalgae, aloe vera, and omega-3. The product saturates cells with an ample amount of nutrients and moisture, and after just the first procedure, the skin condition significantly improves - it acquires a healthy appearance, even tone, smoothness and silkiness. (Product of Italy)
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Features of Cera di Cupra Energizing Anti-Fatigue Mask:

- for normal skin type;
- eliminates signs of fatigue and stress;
- deeply hydrates;
- soothes irritations;
- restores even skin tone and color;
- infuses the skin with radiance;
- normalizes water-lipid balance;
- provides antioxidant action;
- improves skin texture;
- cleanses pores;
- tones;
- prevents dehydration;
- leaves no feelings of tightness and dryness;
- gentle texture;
- easily applies and washes off.


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