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Cera di Cupra Collagen & Vitamin Serum 30ml


Cera Di Cupra Collagen & Vitamin Serum.   Nourishing Face Serum.

Prevent premature skin wilting with the nourishing face serum from the brand Cera Di Cupra. The product is based on a formula with marine collagen, a multivitamin complex, and honey extract. Amino acids, proteins, and omega 3 in the components contribute to the enrichment with beneficial elements, and also affect the deeper layers of the skin. The light consistency of the product evenly penetrates the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving smoothness and silkiness. Give your skin gentle care and hydration with the serum.

.(Product of Italy)

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Features of Cera Di Cupra Collagen & Vitamin Serum:

- stimulates regenerative processes;
- restores elasticity and resilience;
- maintains natural hydration levels;
- prevents dryness and tightness;
- protects against free radical damage;
- saturates with moisture and retains it inside;
- strengthens protective functions;
- thickens vessel walls.


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