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Cera di Cupra Slimming Anti-cellulite Cream (150ml)


This body cream has been designed for specific aesthetic treatment aimed at cellulite and localized adiposity. The fresh-feeling and pleasant texture rapidly releases plenty of active principles when applied on skin. - Caffeine and Organic derivatives of iodine: promote adipose deposit reduction, activate metabolism and accelerate cutaneous fat burn-off reactions. - Butcher's Broom Extract: blood vessel protection supported by saponins and rutin. - Carnitine: an amino acid that transforms body fat into energy. - Escine, Ivy and Asiatic Pennywort extracts: rich in triterpenoid saponins, for microcirculation protection. - Honey extract: softening action. - Methyl lactate: a refreshing-feeling agent. Such active complex hence performs, through the massage, comprehensive and specific action against the several causes that trigger cellulite, promoting the elimination of adiposity while positively increasing the degree of suppleness of skin and of the small blood vessels. The massaging action enables the absorption of the active substances, stimulating peripheral circulation, contrasting cellulite formation as well as making it easier to reduce. Dermatologically tested. Available in: TUBE 150 ml


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